Garage Sales don't have to be dull with people fleeing the scene! Here are free garage sale tips that will draw in buyers like a bees to honey!


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Warning: Do Things Right at Your Garage Sale and Achieve Success; Make Certain Mistakes and Your Sale Will Tank!

 Don’t Sell a Used Toilet Seat at Your Garage Sale!”
That’s one way to send your sales down the loo! And yes, I have seen used toilet seats for sale!

Why in hell’s name would a person try to sell a used toilet seat in a garage sale? Why not just place a sign that says, “city dump” ( no pun intended) in your yard.

You shouldn’t have to be Albert Einstein to know that such an item is a turn off, and things like that drive buyers away faster than you can say,  "It's a clean toilet seat!"


Hosting My First Garage Sale

My first garage was designed to clean out my cellar and my attic.  It took me a couple of weeks to haul old furniture and other odds and ends from my attic which was up three stories stairs.  It was shear torture.

As for my cellar, it was an absolute mess of forlorn and cast off junk.  My solution to all this clutter was...have a garage sale, that will be easy. 

Surprise, surprise, it was anything but easy.  I never bothered to advertise the sale, I never dusted anything off, and when it was all said and done over half my items were still sitting in front of my garage.  Now what do I do? I had to haul all this stuff into my garage leaving my car out in the cold.

As I look back, I priced everything wrong, I couldn't deal with what few people came by, and what I had was a disorganized mess.

I did all that work for pitiful results.  I did learn from my mistakes and noted all the best ideas that I observed at other garage sales...from that day forward!  As it turned out, I hadn't done very much right in my first attempt.

I gradually learned the finer points of having a successful garage sale so that when it was over, not much was left to haul away.  If you are going through all the work for a garage sale, why not do it right and have more success. Oh, and make extra cash too!

Garage Sale Turn Offs That Make folks Head for the Hills!

Yup, a used toilet seat...Golly, I thought there was strong demand for used toilet seats!
A multitude of plastic junk...sorry, used food containers are a turn off and other plastic cast offs
Knicknacks..the reason you are getting rid of then is why most people reject them
Dirty and stained clothing...spare us
Antigue shop are not an antique shop, your antique needs to be discounted
Charging store prices...remember, you are not a store, bargains are expected
Grumpy garage sale host...folks are turned off by lemon suckers
Garage sale host who get annoyed or angry when someone offers less...haggling over price is part of the fun
Children haters...signs that say "watch your children" or "break it and you own it"...another big turn off

Treating people like would be thieves...don't follow them around like a store detective



Why Not Get the Most Out of Your Garage Sale?

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Learn the best way to handle obnoxious early birds
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Putting on a garage sale can be a pain in the butt Drag the stuff to one spot, clean it, organize it, price it, set up tables and when it doesn't sell, you drag it all back into your house!

"Money Machine" tips will make a hosting a garage sale easier and put more cash in your pocket!  Sell more; Make more!

Rock Solid Guarantee:  

 We GUARANTEE your satisfaction or your money back!


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