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Excuse Me, Does Your Cow Need a Tatoo?
Garage Sale and Ebay Junkies Pay Heed!

Recently I went hunting for odds and ends that I could re-sell at a garage sale or on E-bay. Not being that knowledgeable on collectibles, I go by with intuition and luck in making my choices. Most of the items I buy for re-sale cost me less than $10.00. If you are familiar with the term "economies of scale", you can see why I will never get rich with this approach. Anyway, how does a tattoo kit enter this scenario?

As I pawed through one antique shop, an attractive wooden box with a tiny brass latch caught my eye. Maybe it was the words on the top of the box that caught my attention. They stated: Cow Tattoo Kit. It was marked $25.00 dollars. Now, I knew that cows kept up with the latest fashions, but a cow tattoo kit? I was mesmerized.

Cows Know Style!

I opened the box and there was the neatest ear tattoo kit a cow ever saw. No, I didn't know cows had their ears tattooed for identification purposes, but years ago it was the thing to do. The complete contents of the box included a bottle of ink, two small containers filled with letters and numbers, and a pliers-like hand tool for tattooing the cow's ear.

So here I was, infatuated with a $25.00 dollar item which was considerably over the budget of a junk buyer like me. I made a $20.00 offer which was promptly accepted and took the my unique trophy home.

As I drove by area dairy farms on the way, I gazed at the barns and envisioned a cow tattoo expert at work. Infinite designs danced through my head: EAT MORE PORK was one I imagined a cow might request. My kit was not destined for a tattoo parlor; it was to be listed on E-bay.

So many times you think you have a winner, but this time I was convinced that I had one with this attractive box and unusual contents. I opened the bidding at $20.00 but before long bids from around the country drove the price over the century mark. The winning bidder paid $113.00 for the kit.

A few days after I mailed the kit to the winning bidder, I received a beautiful letter praising me for the fine item I had sold them. These people owned a large farm and collected farm related memorabilia. The nice thing about selling items to collectors like the farm family who bought the tattoo kit is that they are usually thrilled to acquire your offering. Everyone ends up a winner---- how can you beat that?

Garage Sale and Ebay hunters run into some unsual items. These items may turn out to be worth their weight in gold as this discovery shows!


by John Lundgren -

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John Lundgren is an avid garage sale hound who hunts down the best bargains he an find. He takes these finds and places them on Ebay or in his own garage sale.


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